The Notable People page demonstrates one of the many ways to use Custom Page User Items. I added a Custom Page User Item and then added 4 Person Link User Items to it. The result is the Notable People page, a list of links to people on the site.

Person Link User Items are very simple. They include a Title property (where you enter the person's name as you want it to appear) and a Subject ID property (where you enter the person's TMG ID#). You can also enter a Description, as I did in the examples.

On a Custom Page, each Person Link is an item in a list. The Title (the person's name) is a link that opens the person page entry for that person. If the Person Link User Item includes a Description, it appears after the name.

The combination of a Custom Page and a list of other items means users can create content pages with less effort than creating the page manually. For example, it is possible to use script statements or hard-coded HTML links to produce a list of links to people on the site. That requires knowledge of HTML, and for the best results, knowledge of script statements Second Site provides to build links to people on the site. The Notable People Custom Page, however, did not require any HTML or script statements.

The Notable People was put in the Top menu for demonstration purposes. In an actual site, it might be better in the MenuBar.

The text above is in the Main Content field of the Custom Page User Item.

This page was produced using a Custom Page User Item named Notable People Explanation. This text is in the Extra Content field of the User Item.