You can use any icons you like with Second Site. I have provided a few here to get you started, as well as links to sites with more icons.

You can right-click on the icons on this page to save them ("Save Picture As..." in Internet Explorer, "Save Image" in Netscape). You can also copy the files using the Windows Explorer: the icons are installed with the program and reside in the Help\Icons subfolder.

Icons for Standard Flags

Sex Flag

femaleF - Female (sexf.gif)
femaleF - Female (sexf-pink.gif)
maleM - Male (sexm.gif)
maleM - Male (sexm-blue.gif)
unknown gender? - Unknown (sexqm.gif)

Living Flag

not livingN - Not living (livingn-1.gif)
not livingN - Not living (livingn-2.gif)

Multibirth Flag

For the Multibirth flag, omit multibirthn.gif if you want to avoid having an icon for everyone.

single birthN - Single Birth (multibirthn.gif)
twin2 - Twins (multibirth2.gif)
triplet3 - Triplets (multibirth3.gif)


Icons for Custom Flags

Line Accent Color Icons

Sets of icons of the same shape with color variations.

green treeTree, Green (treeg.gif)
red treeTree, Red (treer.gif)
purple treeTree, Purple (treep.gif)
yellow treeTree, Yellow (treey.gif)
blue treeTree, Blue (treeb.gif)


Pedigree Icons

pedigree black left-to-rightPedigree, black, left-to-right (pedblacklr.gif)
pedigree black right-to-leftPedigree, black, right-to-left (pedblackrl.gif)
pedigree black top-to-bottomPedigree, black, top-to-bottom (pedblacktb.gif)
pedigree black bottom-to-topPedigree, black, bottom-to-top (pedblackbt.gif)


3rd Party Icon Libraries

You'll find many icon files and other graphics via the following links.

  • IconBAZAAR (Mostly larger icons; could be resized)
  • (Mostly larger icons; could be resized)

Country Icons

One idea for an icon to represent the country of origin is to use an image of the country's flag . A great source for contemporary flag images is ISO3166-1 (and IANA) codes and flags of countries and territories. It's an exhaustive list, but it does not contain historical flags. You will have to rename the files to work with the name of your custom flag and the values in that field.

Another source for flags is the Flags of the World website. The flags are too large for use as icons, but you will find historical flags there.


AnchorAn anchor for end of line ancestors? (anchor01.gif)
CDCD (cd01.gif)
CDCD (cd02.gif)
EnvelopeEnvelope (envelope01.gif)
FilmstripFilmstrip for multimedia content? (filmstrip01.gif)
Magnfiying GlassMagnifying glass for documents of interest? (magnifier01.gif)
PaperclipPaperclip (paperclip01.gif)
PicturePicture (picture01.gif)
Silly WalkSilly Walk! (sillywalk01.gif)
Silly WalkSilly Walk! (sillywalk02.gif)
SpeakerSpeaker (sound-speaker01.gif)
SpeakerSpeaker (sound-speaker02.gif)

  1. Little people icons were based on very similar icons by David Renelt that I found on His icons are Be-A-Friend-Ware: call a good friend and tell him how much you like him. See his ReadMe.txt file.
  2. Second Site user and beta tester Tom Clough provided the tree icons.
  3. Second Site user and beta tester Beth provided the pedigree icons.
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