Second Site News #090

12 September 2022

In this issue:

Second Site Version 8.02 Released

This is a maintenance release with minor enhancements, changes and fixes. There is an important fix for a change by GOogle Maps that will affect people who use the Map Editor.

All Second Site users should update to this release.

See the Change Log for more details.

Ninety Newsletters!

This is the 90th issue of Second Site News. Most of those issues are short, like this one, and only announce the availability of a new version. There have been a few exceptions, and you may wish to review Second Site News #61 which lists some issues of special interest.

Speaking of releases, there have been 85 public releases since the first release of Second Site in June, 2002. I estimate there have been at least 400 beta releases. I owe a debt to the beta testers, all of whom are volunteers, who have helped me design, develop, and test Second Site over the years!

I have been developing Second Site since 2001 and I expect to continue indefinitely. With TMG now discontinued, and with so many existing features already, the pace of change has slowed down since the years when there were half a dozen public releases. Still, as the web evolves and as the need arises, I will continue to enhance and maintain Second Site.

Thanks for being a customer!

Other Products and Services

I suspect most Second Site users are aware of my other products and services, but just in case...

An automated assistant for use with online repositories including Ancestry, FamilySearch, and many others. You won't believe how ORA improves the process of online research!
Family History Hosting
Web hosting for genealogists and family researchers.
The fast, powerful way to export from TMG to GEDCOM with special handling for exports to and other programs and services.
TMG Utility
The free, must-have utility for TMG users who want to make bulk changes to their TMG projects.
Gedcom Publisher
Creates an electronic book ("e-book") suitable for digitial publishing from a GEDCOM file or TMG project.
Similar to Second Site, GedSite makes a web site from a GEDCOM file or TMG project.


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